REGAD M6000 Electric Creasing & Edging Machine

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M6000 Electric Creasing & Edging Machine in two model versions by Ets P.Regad & Fils. Made in France.

No handles, no rests, no tips included. M6000 machine only. All Regad handles and tips are compatible with M6000 machine.

M6000 Package Includes:

International 220 - 240 V model:

M6000 apparatus

Removable 2m power supply flex with EU plug

User’s manual

US & Canada 110 - 120 V model:

M6000 apparatus

Removable 2m power supply flex with EU plug

User’s manual

About Regad tools:

There are a lot of ways of using REGAD tools in leathercraft.

With REGAD heating irons it is easy to polish leather surfaces, make professional edge finishing , paint decorative grooves on leather, make patterns. The variety of REGAD tools allows you to do a lot of specific work like cutting zipper, welding thread, smoothing watch strap holds. With REGAD heating tips it is easy to work with different types of leather and different shapes of patterns. For example, Burnishing Plate you can use while burnishing thick leather edges, FNMCR is used while creasing round leather corners, FC series irons generally is used while creasing tight curves.

REGAD tools are time-saving tools, which allow you to do the work much faster and with higher quality. You just need to turn on the Machine M3000 or M6000, which regulate the power, attach the handle to this Machine and screw the iron into handle. Regulate the power precisely to material you use and you can start working.

About M6000 machine:

This apparatus transfers power and regulates the handle temperature. You can use two handles while working with M 6000 Machine. You can regulate the temperature separately for each handle, that allows you to work with different irons and switch between different leather working processes. 

There is one “on-off” power switch button and one indicator light for each LV on the front panel. At the back side of M6000 there is a power socket in which you can attach power cable of any length. This is a beautiful high-quality electric edging and creasing machine.


2 LV outputs with 0V to 21V electronic controller. 6A 120 VA.

The M6000 apparatus permits the use of two tools connected simultaneously.

Metallic box apparatus dimensions:

Width: 215 mm (8.5”)

Depth: 185 mm (7.3”)

Height: 80 mm (3.2”)

One “On - Off” switching button

The 2 green light indicators on step one

220 - 240 V - 50 / 60 Hz (International model)

One indicator light on each LV

Removable 2m (6.6ft) power supply flex with EU plug

IMPORTANT: Before using the M6000 apparatus, check the indicator light “On - Off” switch button on the front is on “Off”

Safety Instructions: Only use this transformer with the electrical tools recommended by the supplier. Do not use this transformer for any other purpose. This transformer is designed for use indoors and in dry conditions only. While the transformer is on operation, the tool is hot. Be careful for the handling. When you stop working do not put the handle with the tool in contact with objects.

Preparing the unit for use

connect handle to low voltage apparatus output

connect transformer to mains supply

switch on by pressing the switch button at the front panel

Switching off the unit and changing the tool

cut off the power supply using the switch button at the front

make sure the tool is cold before unscrewing it

then screw on an other tool

Transformer safety mode

apparatus with low voltage 21V safety transformer

protected against secondary short circuits

in the event of malfunction of the holder or the removable heated tool, the transformer will switch to safety mode

Switch off the device and when it has cooled down replace the defective handle or tool. Press the circuit breaker green button on the front to switch unit on again.

Model: REGAD M6000
Brand: Ets P.Regad & Fils
Weight (kg): 4.5
Dimensions (mm): L0; W215; H80


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